Hello viewers, Welcome to the Fluid Advise. An automotive blog about different types of oils and fluids that are essential for a vehicle.

This is Charles Corbett and I’m the founder (owner) of this blog. Let’s know some more details about me and this blog.

Why Fluid Advise?

As a car or truck owner, you will need different types of parts, accessories, oil, fluids, etc. to keep your machine running. Many of the car/truck owners are newbies and they don’t have good knowledge about those products. And as there are hundreds of options available in the market, so newbie always gets confused to select the right product.

About Fluid Advise

However, in this Fluid Advise blog, I’ll share and discuss only different car/truck fluids and oils. They are essential and need to change on a regular basis to run your vehicle smoothly. Also selecting the right fluid or oil is important to keep the engine and transmission in good condition for a long time.

So here in the Fluid Advise, I’ll share different tips and tricks about engine oils and different types of fluids like transmission fluid, brake fluid, steering fluid etc. I’ll also share in-depth reviews about the best products currently available in the market.

Who is Behind Fluid Advise?

Charles Corbett, Owner and Founder of Fluid Advise
Charles Corbett

As said before, I’m Charles Corbett behind this automotive blog. I have more than 10 years of experience working with different car engines and transmissions. So I have gathered knowledge about different types of engines, transmissions, fluids, oils, etc. That’s why I start this blog to share my little knowledge with others so that they can select the right oil, fluids for their car/truck.

How Fluid Advise Works?

Being a founder, I’m not the only one who works for this blog. I have a dedicated team to research and select products. Also, I have a team who researches and writes in-depth reviews about different products. And finally, I check and publish them on this blog. So we always try our best to suggest the best possible product and share the easiest solutions for your problem.

However, If you have any questions regarding car or truck fluids, oils or anything related to the blog, you can contact me through the contact page. You can also shoot me a mail through charles [at] fluidadvise.com, I’ll try my best to reply ASAP.

I’m also available on Quora, you can also ask me on Quora, and here is my profile link.

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