8 Best CVT Transmission Fluid 2024

Reviewed By: Joses Peter

Maintaining a motor vehicle is not an easy job, and it often turns out to be a difficult challenge for the owners. It is essential to take care of the car and get it serviced regularly to prevent sudden breakdowns or problems on the road.

As we all know, it is better and cheaper to keep an eye on the car and continue fixing the minor issues than to repair it once it completely breaks down.

CVT transmission fluid is one of the most important items that keep an automobile running without any trouble. The main purpose of the CVT transmission fluid is to make sure that the gears and other parts of the vehicle run efficiently.

The reason why it is necessary is that many pieces or parts end up getting damaged due to wear and tear in the automatic transmission.

Best CVT Transmission Fluid

There are hundreds of CVT fluid options available in the market, but not all of them are worth the money. Therefore, in this guide, we will discuss some of the best CVT transmission fluid options that play a major role in maintaining the automatic transmission of your car.

Comparison of Top 5 CVT Transmission Fluids

Castrol - 15B652-6PK Transmax ATF Black CVT Transmission Fluid
★ OUR #1 PICK! ★
Castrol – 15B652-6PK
  • Size: 1-Quart
  • Type: Automatic
  • Compatibility: Toyota CVT, Nissan CVT, Mazda CVT, Subaru CVT, Suzuki CVT, Honda CVT, Hyundai CVT, KIA CVT, etc.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2)
Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2)
  • Size: 5-Quart
  • Type: Automatic
  • Compatibility: Nissan CVT (NS-2).
  • Country of Origin: USA
Genuine Honda 08200 – HFC2 Fluid
Genuine Honda 08200-HCF2 Fluid
  • Size: 1-Quart
  • Type: Automatic
  • Compatibility: Honda CVT, Honda CRV, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, etc.
  • Country of Origin: USA
Valvoline CVT Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid
Valvoline CVT Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • Size: 1-Quart
  • Type: Automatic
  • Compatibility: Audi and VW (TL 52180 G 052 180), Ford (CVT30/Mercon C), Subaru (Lineartronic CVTF), Honda (HMMF), Nissan (NS-2), Mitsubishi (CVTF-J1/SP-III), BMW, Hyundai and Kia (SP-III), Suzuki (TC/NS-2/CVT Green1), Dodge, Jeep (NS-2/CVTF+4), GM Saturn (DEX-CVT), and Mercedes Benz (236.20)
  • Country of Origin: USA
Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT Universal
Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT
  • Size: 1 Gallon
  • Type: Automatic
  • Compatibility: Ford, GM, Chrysler and Asian Imports.
  • Country of Origin: USA

8 Best CVT Transmission Fluid Reviews

Castrol – 15B652-6PK Transmax ATF Black CVT Transmission Fluid

In the world of automobile and vehicle maintenance, Castrol is one of the most famous names. The Castrol 15B652-6PK Transmax is a great option for CVT transmission fluid and provides excellent protection to the parts allowing the engine to run steadily.

Castrol - 15B652-6PK

Exceptional Compatibility

This fluid is compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions and is perfectly suitable for several car models.

Durable And Great Performance

The advanced technology of this product provides better durability and increases the transmission life.

In addition to that, it has the ability to offer superior performance under high temperature and pressure and lasts longer than the typical CVT fluids. It also provides outstanding wear and tear protection to the sensitive parts of the engine and prevents damage caused by oxidation.

Non-Toxic Chemical Composition

One of the best features of this product is that it is free of glycol or any other harmful chemicals, and is safe for use.


  • Improved transmission performance
  • Superb protection against wear and tear
  • Compatible with a wide range of vehicle models
  • Improves longevity of the transmission


  • Expensive

Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2)

The Idemitsu CVT transmission fluid has the approval of Nissan and is typically used in the majority of the Nissan cars. It is manufactured using premium chemicals that have undergone severe testing and met all the necessary conditions before receiving approval.

Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2)

High Viscosity

This top quality product comes with a high viscosity. And this consistency is what helps to make sure that the gears present in the engine do not corrode and work efficiently for a longer period.

Noise Reduction

This fluid features anti-foaming ingredients that reduce friction and allow the mechanism to work smoothly. Not only that, but it also reduces the noise that the moving parts make and offers an unfaltering ride.

Prevents Rusting

It offers maximum protection against rust, wears or tear of the movable parts and also protects these parts from rusting or corrosion. This severely improves frictional characteristics, the longevity of the transmission, and several other parts of the car.


  • Budget-friendly CVT fluid for Nissan
  • Prevents corrosion and rusting
  • Improves the lifespan of the transmission
  • Significantly reduces the noise while the engine is on


  • Only suitable for Nissan models launched after the year 2000

Genuine Honda 08200 – HFC2 Fluid

The Genuine Honda 08200 – HFC2 CVT transmission fluid is the best option for people who own Honda cars that come with second-generation CVT transmissions. It is made up of prime additives using a special formula that makes it a perfect fit for the majority of car models by Honda.

Genuine Honda 08200-HCF2 Transmission Fluid

High Viscosity

Similar to the Idemitsu CVT Type N (NS-2) transmission fluid, it also comes with a high viscosity. The excellent viscosity control is what makes the gears of the transmission more efficient and also increases its lifespan.

Durable And Top Quality Performance

One of the best qualities of this liquid is that it makes the transmission more durable by improving the service. It’ll work tremendously well under an increased temperature and pressure, thanks to its outstanding performance-enhancing capabilities. It has the ability to reduce friction in the working parts and increase the lifespan of the gears.

Rust Prevention

Over time, harmful substances such as dirt, dust, debris, and so on accumulate in the gears and cause them to rust or get jammed. In cases like these, the CVT fluid works great by lubricating the gear and eliminating all sorts of substances that can cause harm to the gears. This prevents the movable parts from getting rusted and also makes sure that the mechanism is working efficiently.


  • High viscosity CVT transmission fluid
  • Reasonable and budget-friendly price
  • Performs well under both high and low temperature
  • Prevents rusting in the gears


  • Mainly suitable for Honda cars that have second generation CVT transmissions

Valvoline CVT Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

The Full Synthetic CVT Transmission Fluid by Valvoline is one of the best CVT transmission fluids you will find in the market. It is suitable for almost each and every four-wheel vehicle, including some of the big names of the industry such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and many more.

Valvoline CVT Full Synthetic

Fully Synthetic

It is fully synthetic that features a high viscosity which means that it offers outstanding performance under a wide temperature range. In addition to that, this product also allows the motor oil and transmission oil to work smoothly and without any trouble for a longer period.

Improves Gear Longevity

This transmission liquid is manufactured using a few special elements or components. These elements allow the product to work effortlessly with the gears along with several other movable parts and prevent rusting and damage by providing wear protection to the mechanism. If the gears do not rust, then they can provide a tremendously enhanced performance for longer than usual.

Reduces Friction

Almost all of the parts inside the engine are made up of metal and these parts often come in contact with each other and get damaged due to friction. The Valvoline fluid lubricates these metal parts and reduces the friction between them.


  • Highly cost-effective
  • Reduces friction and prevents rusting
  • Advanced Anti-wear technology
  • Improves the lifespan of the motor and transmission oil


  • Only suitable for car models introduced after the year 1998

Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT Universal

As we all know, Castrol is one of the biggest names in the world of automobiles and automobile maintenance. The Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT Universal transmission fluid is suitable for almost all of the vehicle models and brands out there in the market.

Castrol Transmax ATF/CVT

Friction Durability

Similar to some of the best CVT fluids present in the market, this liquid also reduces friction between the metal parts by greasing them. And this results in the transmission offering better and more efficient performance for a long.


This is one of the few products in the car maintenance industry that is manufactured using a fully synthetic base. As the name suggests, this solution can be used in both ATF and CVT transmissions.


It uses a smooth drive technology along with variation torque, and these two not only improve the driving experience and the longevity of the gears and transmission, but it also prevents the belts in the transmission from slipping and also reduce the noise caused by them.


  • Compatible with several car brands and models
  • Outstanding performance under high temperature and pressure
  • Reduces noise and slipping in the belts
  • Tremendously cost-effective


  • Not certified for use in a few automobile models

Lubegard 67010 CVT Recharge And Protect

The Lubegard 67010 CVT Recharge and Protect is one of the most useful products when it comes to transmission maintenance and repair. It has been specifically formulated with special elements mainly for use in vehicles that feature CVT transmissions.

Lubegard 67010 CVT Recharge And Protect

Excellent Performance

The reason why this product is important for transmission care is that it has the ability to repair damages caused by expired or overused CVT fluids and prevent them from appearing in the future.

On top of that, it also contains anti-foaming agents that decrease foaming and allow the liquid to be stable under high temperature and pressure.

Reduces Noise And Shuddering

Noise and shuddering in the engine or transmission are signs of damage and danger. The Lubegard fluid provides excellent protection to the belts, chains, pulleys, and so on from wear or tear and friction. This wear protection plays a major role in reducing the noise and shaking of the transmission, providing a leveled driving experience. 

Heat Stability

This product works to take care of the belts and also secure the seals of the transmission without causing any issues or problems like swelling and so on. It also makes the fluid more stable under a high-temperature reading.


  • Prevents excessive noise production
  • Lubricates and reduces friction between the metal parts
  • Repairs damage caused by overuse or expired fluid
  • Reduces shuddering in the gears and belts


  • It may seem to be slightly expensive

Nissan Genuine OEM CVT-3 Transmission Fluid

The Nissan Genuine OEM CVT-3 is the descendant of the CVT-2 by the same brand. It is a great CVT transmission fluid, manufactured with OEM ingredients, that is suitable for almost each and every Nissan model. This will not only improve the life of the transmission but will also increase the longevity of several other important parts.

Nissan Genuine OEM CVT-3

Wear Protection

Similar to the majority of premium quality transmission fluids, this liquid will also protect the internal parts from damage caused by wear and tear. It also greases the gears and belts to make sure that they do not get affected due to friction.

Noise Reduction

As the fluid lubricates the gears and other essential parts, the noise caused by them decreases significantly. Not only that, but it also reduces the shaking of the engine. This reduction in both shaking and noise indicates that the transmission is providing an excellent performance.

Weather Condition Compatibility

It is essential for good transmission fluid to be able to perform under both cold and hot weather conditions. This is another characteristic or attributes promised by this CVT fluid, which means that this will provide an effortless ride even if the temperature outside is freezing.


  • Compatible with almost all of the Nissan models
  • Lubricates the gears and belt to provide wear protection
  • Reduces noise, shaking, and friction
  • Suitable for both cold and hot temperatures


  • Not many car owners prefer this CVT fluid

Adam’s x Recochem OEM Synthetic CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid

Last but not the least, it is time to talk about Adam’s x Recochem OEM Synthetic CVT Fluid. It is a high quality CVT liquid, manufactured using advanced additive technology and chemicals, that is typically preferred for use in the majority of Asian automobiles such as Toyota, Kia, Honda, and many more.

Adam’s x Recochem OEM Synthetic CVT Automatic Transmission Fluid

High Performance

Due to the chemical composition and synthetic base of the product, it has the ability to improve the performance of a car transmission. It allows the car owners and passengers to experience an efficient and fine ride on the roads. On top of that, it also ensures that the transmission of your vehicle works smoothly for a longer period of time.

Improved Transmission Service

This product greases the internal parts such as belts, shifting gears, and so on, preventing the effects of wear or tear and friction. It also increases the fuel economy of your vehicle and reduces the deposits or coating of grime or slimy substances on the gears.

Reduces Shuddering

One of the greatest qualities of this liquid is that it reduces the constant noise and shuddering of the gears and belts. This will not only improve your driving experience but will also improve the lifespan of the internal parts of your automobile. You can peacefully enjoy a non-jerking and smooth ride on the road.


  • Great transmission performance
  • Reduces noise and jerking
  • Prevents the deposit of grime and other harmful substances
  • Complete wear protection


  • Only suitable for a handful of car brands and models

Types Of CVT Transmission Fluid

There are mainly two types of CVT transmission fluid available in the market, and it is important to know the difference between the two. These are:

Vehicle-Specific CVT Transmission Fluid

The vehicle-specific CVT transmission fluid is typically designed for a certain make or model of a car. For example, the CVT transmission liquids by Nissan are usually certified for use in Nissan cars only. However, there is one exception when it comes to this type, as a few fluids can be used in more than one or two vehicle brands or models.

Universal CVT Transmission Fluid

Another type is the Universal CVT Transmission Fluid, and it is typically used for a wide range of vehicle brands and models. One of the reasons why this type has gained popularity is because they come with a reasonable price tag compared to the vehicle-specific fluid.

There are quite a few car brands or models that do not have a specific fluid certified for them. In cases like these, universal CVT fluid comes to the rescue.

How To Choose The Best CVT Transmission Fluid?

There are several brands and models of CVT transmission fluids available in the market, and it is very normal to feel lost while choosing one. However, there are a few tips you must consider to make sure that you choose the best CVT fluid. These are:

Type Of CVT Transmission Fluid

When it comes to choosing a CVT liquid for your vehicle, it is essential to make sure that you choose the right type of fluid. As we discussed above, there are mainly two types available in the industry: Universal CVT and Vehicle Specific CVT.

Before purchasing a CVT fluid, make sure to check whether it is suitable for your vehicle transmission or not. It is absolutely necessary in case you are buying a vehicle specific CVT fluid.


As we mentioned above, it is important to see whether the fluid you are choosing is compatible with your vehicle or not. The reason why this is necessary is that using the wrong fluid can severely cause damage to the transmission of the car. If you are confused about the compatibility, contact your car mechanic with information about the make and model of your vehicle. The mechanic will recommend to you the fluid you should use in the transmission.


The main purpose of using CVT transmission fluid is to improve the overall performance of the engine and the transmission of a car. Do not forget to consider the performance of the fluid properly before making a final decision.

The factors that you have to consider when it comes to performance are:

  • Whether the product provides wear protection to the gears or not
  • Whether it reduces noise and shuddering in the transmission or not
  • How the fluid performs under certain temperature and pressure readings

Make sure that you make a final decision only if the product meets all of the above factors.


Car maintenance is not cheap in any way; it comes with a high price tag, and compromising on quality is not an option. However, the price of the CVT transmission fluid plays a major role when it comes to buying one for your vehicle.

Make sure that you research the market well before making a purchase, as there are a few brands that offer premium quality fluids at a reasonable price. On the other hand, there are a few brands that offer low-quality products at a high price tag.

Benefits Of CVT Transmission Fluid

Prevents Damage Caused By Wear Or Tear And Friction

There are several gears and metal parts inside a car transmission, and these components often get damaged due to wear and tear. The work of a CVT fluid is to coat these parts with a protective layer to prevent this wear and tear damage.

The liquid also works to protect the transmission from damage caused by friction by lubricating the equipment.

Smoother Driving Experience

One of the major advantages of using CVT transmission fluid is that it makes the driving experience much smoother. This is because the liquid lubricates the shifting gears along with several other internal parts. The friction between the components decreases along with the noise and shuddering, making shifting the gears a much easier process while driving.

Better Fuel Economy

A good fuel economy is crucial when it comes to automobile maintenance as it indicates the volume of fuel used by every mile traveled by car. CVT transmission fluids improve the fuel economy of a car which means that the car uses less fuel than usual in a mile. The reason why the fuel efficiency has to be better is that poor efficiency means you have to make more frequent trips to the gas station, and it is expensive.

Increases Longevity Of The Transmission And The Vehicle

A well-maintained and protected car means that the requirement for major servicing or repairs is low. This means that the car will be able to run smoothly on the roads for a longer period of time. As CVT fluids protect the internal parts of the vehicle from damage due to wear or tear and friction, the transmission and engine will perform effortlessly for longer than usual. This will also help you to save money on expensive repairs.

There are several brands in the market that manufacture and supply CVT transmission fluid. However, not all of these brands offer the best CVT liquid or could achieve their place among the top positions in the industry. We all want the best products for the maintenance of our vehicles; thus, we often go for the most popular brands. The most popular brands of CVT transmission fluid are:

  • Valvoline
  • Castrol
  • Nissan
  • Honda
  • Amalie
  • Adelco

Final Words

As we discussed in the guide above, CVT transmission fluid is extremely important for the well-being of a motor vehicle. The products we have reviewed here are the 8 best CVT transmission fluid options available in the market today. Before purchasing a CVT liquid, make sure that you research the market well and consider the buying factors thoroughly.

People Also Ask

Can you put ATF in a CVT transmission?

You should never put ATF in a CVT transmission. The ATF will cause the CVT transmission to fail.

Does CVT Transmission Fluid Need to be changed?

Yes, but CVT transmissions are unique in that they don’t have traditional transmission fluid that needs to be changed. Instead, the fluid is constantly circulated and doesn’t break down over time. This means that you don’t need to change your CVT transmission fluid as often as you would other types of transmission fluid.

However, it’s still a good idea to check your fluid level periodically and top it off if necessary.

Is CVT Fluid the Same as Transmission Fluid?

CVT fluid is not the same as regular transmission fluid, although both liquids are important to the proper function of your vehicle. CVT fluid is specifically designed for use in a CVT, or Continuously Variable Transmission. This type of transmission uses a pulley and belt system to change gears, and the CVT fluid helps to keep the system lubricated and cool.

Transmission fluid, on the other hand, is used in vehicles with traditional automatic or manual transmissions. The fluid helps to lubricate the gears and bearings in the transmission, and it also helps to keep the transmission cool.

How often should CVT Transmission Fluid be changed?

CVT fluid should be checked at every oil change and changed if necessary. Many automakers have a service interval of around 100,000 miles for CVT fluid changes.

Is it difficult to change CVT fluid?

It is difficult to change CVT fluid because it is hard to access the CVT fluid dipstick. The CVT fluid dipstick is located under the battery. To change the CVT fluid, you need to remove the battery and the battery tray.

At first, you need to remove the dipstick. The dipstick has a small O-ring that seals the dipstick to the CVT fluid fill port. The O-ring can be difficult to remove. Use a small screwdriver or a pick to remove the O-ring.

Once the O-ring is removed, you can pull the dipstick out. The dipstick has a small screen on the end. The screen filters the CVT fluid as it is added to the CVT.

To change the CVT fluid, you need to remove the old dirty fluid and add new CVT fluids. The best way to remove the old CVT fluid is to use a suction pump. A suction pump is a hand-held pump that is used to remove fluids.

To add new CVT fluid, use a funnel. Pour the new CVT fluid into the funnel. The funnel will help to prevent spillage.

Once the new CVT fluid is added, replace the dipstick and the O-ring. The O-ring should be lubricated with CVT fluid before it is installed.

Install the battery and the battery tray. Start the engine and check for leaks.

Is CVT fluid universal?

CVT fluid is not universal, but there are some fluids that can be used in multiple applications. For example, Dexron III/Mercon can be used in many Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles. Check your owner’s manual or with your vehicle’s manufacturer to be sure which fluid is best for your car.

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