Toyota ATF Type T-IV Vs Dexron III

Toyota is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. They are mostly popular for their high-quality vehicles at a reasonable price. They have several vehicles with automatic transmissions and they recommend Toyota ATF Type T-IV or Dexron III transmission fluid.

Using manufacturer-recommended transmission fluid is safe and secure. It will keep your transmission system good for a long time as well as provide better performance. Toyota recommends ATF Type T-IV and Dexron III for their different automatic transmissions.

So you must use the recommended one according to your vehicle handbook. And this Toyota ATF Type T-IV Vs Dexron III will help you to identify their similarities and differences. Hopefully, this will help you to choose the right type of transmission fluid between these two for your vehicle.

What is Toyota Type T-IV?

ATF Type T-IV is a full synthetic transmission fluid that is specially designed and developed for Toyota and Lexus vehicles with AISIN WARNER gearboxes. The fluid comes with several advantages for automatic transmissions with JWS 3309 or GM 9986195 requirements. You can also use the fluid on other brands of vehicles like DAIHATSU, SCION, or lightweight commercial vehicles where Type T-IV ATF is recommended.

Features and Benefits

Toyota Type T-IV ATF

The key benefit of using Type T-IV ATF is, that it will improve the transmission performance as well as a smooth gear shift. The fluid works well in both cold and hot weather. Besides these, it will improve the whole transmission gear lubrication and improve fuel efficiency.

ATF Type T-IV comes with higher viscosity index (at 100°C, cSt 7.3) and balanced additives. So it will also protect the transmission from wear damage and helps to seal the leakage. The optimal frictional performance ensures smooth gear shifting in various conditions. Also, protect the transmission even at the highest load by shifting the gear smoothly.


There are no notable disadvantages of Toyota Type T-IV fluid if you use the original one and on the transmission that is recommended for Type T-IV. Only the price is a little bit higher than the Dexron III. And you must annul this negative point for better transmission performance and protection.

What is Dexron III?

Dexron III was first released in 1993 by General Motors for GM6417M and later GMN10055. This is also an automatic transmission fluid based on oils and additives. The version of Dexron III was revised three times and the last version is Dexron III (H).

However, Dexron III is mainly designed for Pre-2005 automatic transmissions from general motors. But this fluid is also compatible with other vehicles with automatic transmission. And you can also use it as a substitute for Dexron II or Mercon as well as hydraulic fluid or transfer case fluid.

Features and Benefits

Motul 105776 Dexron III

The main advantage of Dexron III is, its a widely used transmission fluid for older vehicles with automatic transmission. The fluid increase the transmission performance by lubricating the gears helps to shift gears smoothly and increases the transmission durability.

The viscosity index of Dexron III is a little bit lower than that of Type T-IV (110-115 units, according to API class III). Like the T-IV, this one also works well in hot and cold weather and saves fuel consumption. But to get the best performance, you need to change the fluid after each 30K miles.


The Dexron III is available in the market from several brands. You must choose a good brand like Toyota OEM to get the best performance.

Toyota ATF Type T-IV Vs Dexron III

The main difference between Toyota ATF Type T-IV and Dexron III is that the Toyota ATF Type T-IV is an OEM fluid and is recommended by Toyota for their Automatic Transmission. And the Dexron III is recommended for pre-2005 GM automatic transmissions.

Related Questions and Answers about Type T-IV and Dexron III

How to Recognize Genuine Toyota Type T-IV?

The original Toyota Type T-IV fluid is available in two packages. One is a plastic liter canister and another is a four-liter tin. Also check the labeling text, which is in several languages.

Can I use Dexron III instead of T-IV?

No, they are completely different types of transmission fluids specified for different transmissions. So you can’t substitute each other or even can’t mix them.

What can I use instead of T-IV?

Always try to use the OEM T-IV fluid. But suppose you are somehow unable to manage it. In that case, you can use ATF from Valvoline MaxLife ATF, Castrol TransMax Synthetic Fluid, Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF, Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF or any other ATF where T-IV is mentioned.

Final Words

Both Toyota Type T-IV and Dexron III transmission fluids have their own features and benefits. Use the right one on your transmission according to your vehicle handbook recommendation. The most important point you should remember that, Dexron III is not a substitute for Toyota Type T-IV. So don’t use Dexron III where ATF T-IV is specified.


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