Transmission Fluid Vs Coolant | Are They Same?

To run a vehicle smoothly, you will need to use different types of fluids along with gasoline. Even you can’t drive a car without some fluid like the transmission fluid. As a car/truck owner, you must know about these fluids to overcome any kind of unexpected problems.

Transmission Fluid Vs Coolant

However, today we are going to discuss about Transmission Fluid Vs Coolant. Here you will know the basics and functionalities of transmission fluid and coolant. So let’s get started.

What is Transmission Fluid?

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Transmission fluid is an oil-based fluid that is used in the vehicle’s transmission system to lubricate the gears. This helps to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels through the gear and gear trains. However, this fluid is generally red or green, or pink in color to easily separate from other fluids used in cars.

There are different types of transmission fluids available in the market. Generally, they are categorized as automatic transmission fluids, manual transmission fluids, and CVT. Also, synthetic and conventional transmission fluids are available for different types of transmission.

What is Coolant?

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Coolant is also known as engine coolant or antifreeze is a water-based fluid that helps to keep the engine from overheating. This fluid is made with ethylene glycol or propylene and some other additives to protect the engine from heat damage.

When an engine runs for a long time, it produces heat. Coolant is used in the radiator with water to absorb the extra heat produced by the engine. The coolant may be green, blue or even pink in color. Some coolants also lubricate the moving parts like the water pump, head gasket, etc., and protect them from damage.

Transmission Fluid Vs Coolant

The main difference between transmission fluid and coolant is, that transmission fluid is an oil-based fluid used in a vehicle’s transmission system to lubricate the gears and helps to transfer engine power to wheels. On the other hand, coolant is a water-based fluid used in the engine radiator to keep the engine temperate at a correct operating temperature.

People Also Ask About Transmission Fluid and Coolant

What Color Is Your Coolant?

Generally, the coolant color is blue, green, or pink. But if engine oil or transmission fluid is somehow mixed with the coolant, then it looks like a strawberry milkshake or dull pink color.

Why Transmission Fluid in the Coolant?

Transmission fluid in the coolant is considered a major problem. It may cause due to transmission or radiant problems. So if you think or trace any transmission fluid in the coolant, then you must contact a repair shop. Because you may need a transmission flush and seal both radiant and transmission to overcome this problem.

What Happens When Coolant Leaks Into Transmission?

When you check the transmission fluid and found any coolant trance in the transmission area, then it’s a sign of a major problem. You must rebuild the whole transmission system or flush the transmission fluid to overcome this problem.

What Happens If You Put Transmission Fluid In The Radiator?

If you put transmission fluid instead of coolant in the radiator, then you must change the transmission fluid immediately. On the other hand, if you start the engine and the transmission system starts working, then you must flush the transmission fluid.

Can You Use Transmission Fluid as Coolant?

No, transmission fluid is oil-based while coolant is water-based. So transmission fluid won’t work as the coolant in the radiator.

Can You Use Coolant as Transmission Fluid?

No, like the previous question and answer, you can’t use coolant in the transmission as the coolant is water-based.

Can You Mix Coolant and Transmission Fluid?

No. You can’t mix coolant and transmission fluid as they are entirely different type of fluids and works for different part of a vehicle.

Final Words

Now you know the basics of transmission fluid and engine coolant. So hopefully this article helps you to identify these two fluids and their functionalities. Always use your vehicle user manual to find the right type of transmission fluid and engine coolant for your car. This will help to keep your car from any unwanted damage and save repairing costs.

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