Dexron HP Vs Dexron VI | Differences You Should Know

Dexron is one of the top performing and most popular transmission fluids in the market. This is the trade name of the automatic transmission fluid owned by General Motors. Dexron has more than 10 variants currently available in the market for different automatic transmissions. Although they are specially formulated for the GM automatic transmissions, they can be used on other vehicle transmissions.

Dexron HP Vs Dexron VI

However, here we are going to discuss about Dexron HP Vs Dexron VI. Both variants are high-performing ATF from Dexron and they are working well for different automatic transmissions.

What is Dexron VI?

Dexron VI

Dexron VI is the updated version of Dexron III which is mainly designed and developed for the GM 6-speed automatic transmission. The Dexron VI viscosity is about 5.5 cSt and the fluid improves the vehicle performance. It also helps to increase the transmission durability by avoiding leakage, lubricating the gears, etc. GM advises changing this full synthetic transmission fluid after every 60,000 miles of the regular drive.

What is Dexron HP?

Dexron HP

Dexron HP is the updated version of Dexron VI that is specially designed and developed for the GM 8L90 and 8L45 8-Speed RWD/4WD automatic transmissions. In July 2013, GM released this transmission fluid that was composed of a group 4 Polyalphaolefin (PAO) Base oil and additives. For better performance and durability, you can use this full synthetic Trans fluid in your vehicle.

Dexron HP Vs Dexron VI

The main difference between Dexron HP and Dexron VI is that Dexron HP is a fully synthetic ATF which is an upgraded version of Dexron VI and specially designed for 8-speed automatic transmissions like 8L90. Dexron HP helps to increase the transmission performance, durability and also helps to reduce fuel cost.

Although they are looks like same, they have some differences and similarities as well. So let’s find out more about these ATF.


Dexron HP is designed and developed for 8 and 9-speed automatic transmissions. But you can also use this fluid on older GM, Honda, Toyota, or Ford vehicles with automatic transmissions. On the other hand, Dexron VI is mainly developed for 6-speed automatic transmissions and is not compatible with those transmissions that are designed for Dexron HP.


Both Dexron HP and VI provide better performance and durability by lubricating the transmission gears and other parts. As they are synthetic or synthetic blend fluids, so they also help to prevent leakages, improve shifting gears, and many more.


As Dexron HP is the newer and improved version of synthetic ATF, so it’s a little pricy than the Dexron VI. But the transmission fluid change time for Dex-HP is higher than the Dex-VI. So if you use Dexron HP with a little more price, then it will run your transmission for a long time without any trouble. But you can’t use Dexron VI on those transmissions which are designed/called for Dexron HP.

Final Words

Both Dexron VI and Dexron HP have their own advantages and disadvantages. Using the right transmission fluid (according to the vehicle’s manual) is most important than using an upgraded transmission fluid. So before using Dexron VI or HP, check your vehicle manual to find the best performing Tran’s fluid.

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