Dexron Vs Mercon | True Differences You Must Know

Dexron and Mercon are the two most popular and widely used transmission fluids in the automotive industry. They are the finest fluid and well-known for their performance. You can use these Trans fluids without any doubt to lubricate your transmission gears and get the best possible performance as well as durabilities.

Dexron Vs Mercon

However, although Dexron and Mercon are transmission fluids, but they have some similarities and differences. And most importantly, they are not for the same type of transmission.

So you must use any of them, where are called. And this Dexron Vs Mercon comparison article will help you to understand these transmission fluids along with their features, specifications, and more.

What is Dexron?

Dexron is one of the most common types of transmission fluid that is engineered by General Motors for its automatic transmissions. Though this is designed for the GM transmissions, but most of their variants are compatible with other brands’ transmissions. And more than 10 different variants of this transmission fluid are available in the market.

Features and Benefits

ACDelco GM Original Equipment 10-9395 Dexron VI

GM recommends using Dexron fluids on their vehicle transmission to get better performance. The fluid lubricates the inner gears of transmission and provides better performance and durability. The viscosity is slightly higher than the Mercon at the flash point is 177 degrees.

However, according to your vehicle handbook, you must use the right type of Dexron fluid on your vehicle. Because some versions of the Dexron fluids is not compatible with the newer versions of GM automatic transmissions.


There are no notable disadvantages of Dexron fluids if you are using the GM approved one. And also you must use the right variant of Dexron to keep your transmission from any kind of accidental damage. Another thing is, Dexron price is slightly higher compared to the Mercon.

Popular Type Dexron Fluids

What is Mercon?

Mercon is also a popular type of transmission fluid that is developed and licensed by the FORD for Ford and Mazda vehicle transmission. The first version of Mercon fluid was released in 1987 and different companies manufacture the fluid under the Ford lances. You must check the Ford license number of the fluid container to get the original Ford Approved Mercon transmission fluid.

Features and Benefits

Genuine Ford XT-5-5QM MERCON-V

Mercon is a high-performing transmission fluid for Ford and Mazda vehicles with automatic transmission. The latest and most popular version of Mercon is Mercon V which will improve your transmission performance. The fluid lubricates the gears well, keeps them safe from wear damage, and helps to shift gears smoothly. It also works well in both hot and cold weather.

You will get a better on-road experience with Mercon fluids as it’s designed for it. The fluid also comes with better chemical composition and special type additives for better and smooth transmission performance.


You must use the Ford Approved Mercon fluid to overcome any kind of complexity with Ford or Mazda transmissions. And Mercon is not compatible with Ford and Toyota’s type F fluid.

Popular Type Mercon Fluids

Dexron Vs Mercon | Are They Same?

Dexron and Mercon’s main difference is that Dexron is formulated for GM Transmissions whereas the Mercon is for Ford Transmissions. They are completely different types of transmission fluids by their chemical composition and are not substitutes for each other. So make sure you are using the right type of fluid for the right transmission.

Besides the brand and chemical composition, they have similar and different characteristics as both of them are ATF. And here below is the comparison of these two fluids.

Fluid Type

Mercon is a high quality ATF that is made of hydro-processed base oil and comes with a higher index and a special type of additives. And the Dexron is oil-based with additives and is best for sealing leakages, better gear shifting, compatible with a large number of vehicles, and comes with automatic transmissions.

Functions and Performance

Both the Mercon and Dexron transmission fluids perform well in terms of their functionalities. But for the best off-road performance, Dexron works well than the Mercon. And the Mercon performs well for the on-road driving experience. Both transmission fluids are available in different variants and their variant’s performance also differs from each other. 


Dexron variants are compatible with a wide range of automatic transmissions like Honda, Toyota, BMW, Volvo, Audi, General Motors, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jeep, Lexus, Nissan and much more. You can check this Dexron compatibility chat here to find a lot of options.

Mercon is mainly compatible with Ford vehicles. But a complete chart is here that you can check to find out more.


As said before, both Mercon and Dexron have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are driving in the cold weather, then Dexron will work best and maintenance costs will be less. And Mercon performs well in the hot weather.

Changing Intervals

In general, car transmission experts recommend changing transmission fluid after each 30K miles drive for Dexron users. But some of the Dexron variants like Dex-III ATF can last up to 100K miles.

On the other hand, the latest Mercon V or LV variant performs well and needs to change after each 100-150K miles normal drive.


There is no big difference between the latest variants of Dexron and Mercon fluids. But still, the Dexron price is slightly higher compared to the Mercon.

Related Questions and Answers about Mercon and Dexron

Can I use Mercon instead of Dexron?

No, they are different types of transmission fluids. So you can’t use Mercon instead of Dexron. Mercon is designed for Ford and Mazda whereas Dexron is designed for GM.

Can you mix Dexron and Mercon ATF?

No, as said before, they are different types of fluid. So you can’t mix them.

What is the difference between Mercon and Mercon V?

Mercon V is the newer version of Mercon transmission fluid that comes with special type additives.

Final Words

Both Dexron and Mercon have their own features, benefits, and disadvantages. As the Dexron is for GM automatic transmissions and Mercon for Ford transmissions, so use them where they are called.

They are formulated differently for different transmissions, so you must use the correct type of fluid on a specific vehicle. As they are not compatible with each other, so don’t use one as another substitute or mix them.

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