Motul 710 Vs 800 | Which One Is Best?

Motul 710 and 800 are two high-performance motorcycle oils produced by Motul, but they have different viscosities. Motul 710 is a 2-stroke oil with a viscosity of 10W-40, making it suitable for a wide range of modern 2-stroke engines.

On the other hand, Motul 800 is a 2-stroke oil formulated specifically for racing and high-performance applications, with a viscosity of 10W-60. While both oils offer excellent protection and lubrication, Motul 800 is designed for extreme conditions and provides superior performance under high temperatures and high RPMs.

Choosing between Motul 710 and 800 depends on your motorcycle’s engine requirements and usage.

Motul 710 Vs 800

Understanding Motul 710 And 800

Motul 710

Motul 710 and 800 are two popular options in the realm of motorcycle oils. Both oils are specifically designed to provide optimal lubrication and performance for high-performance engines.

A brief introduction to Motul 710 and 800 oils:

Motul 710 is a fully synthetic 2-stroke oil, while Motul 800 is a fully synthetic 4-stroke oil. The key difference lies in the type of engine they are designed for. Motul 710 is formulated for 2-stroke engines, whereas Motul 800 is tailored for 4-stroke engines.

Key similarities and differences between Motul 710 and 800:

Both oils are fully synthetic.Motul 710 is for 2-stroke engines, while 800 is for 4-stroke engines.
They deliver excellent lubrication capabilities.Motul 710 is designed for premix applications, while 800 is used in wet clutch applications.
Both oils provide high-temperature stability.They have different viscosity ratings.
They offer enhanced engine protection.Motul 710 is optimized for high revs, while 800 is suitable for everyday riding.

In summary, Motul 710 and 800 are high-quality synthetic oils that cater to different engine types. Understanding their respective applications and differences can help you make an informed choice for your motorcycle’s specific requirements.

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Performance Comparison Of Motul 710 And 800

Motul 800

Testing the performance of Motul 710:

  • Explores the benefits and drawbacks
  • Analyzes the impact on engine performance

Testing the performance of Motul 800:

  • Explores the benefits and drawbacks
  • Analyzes the impact on engine performance

Comparative analysis of Motul 710 and 800:

  • Examines performance under different conditions
  • Determines the best oil for specific engines

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User Experiences And Opinions

In our quest to understand the user experiences and opinions about Motul 710 and Motul 800, we have extensively researched and gathered feedback from various sources. One of the key aspects of our investigation was reviewing user testimonials and reviews, which provided valuable insights into their experiences with each oil.

Additionally, we surveyed experts and professionals in the field to gain a deeper understanding of their observations and recommendations.

MechanicsSeveral mechanics praised the performance and reliability of Motul 710, particularly for high-performance engines and motorcycles. However, some also mentioned that Motul 800 is better suited for specific applications, like racing or extreme conditions.
Car EnthusiastsCar enthusiasts shared their positive experiences with both Motul 710 and 800, highlighting the noticeable improvements in engine performance and smoother shifts. Many also mentioned the longevity of engine components when using these oils.
ExpertsAccording to experts, Motul 710 is a reliable choice for regular street use, providing excellent protection and reducing wear. On the other hand, Motul 800 is known for its exceptional lubrication properties and ability to handle extreme temperatures.

By analyzing the data and insights gathered, it becomes evident that both Motul 710 and 800 have garnered positive feedback from users across a wide range of applications. While Motul 710 is favored for its performance in regular usage scenarios, Motul 800 shines in more demanding conditions. Ultimately, the choice between these two oils depends on the specific needs and requirements of your engine or vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Motul 710 Vs 800

Does Motul 710 Smell Good?

Motul 710 has a pleasant scent that many users find appealing. Its aroma adds to the overall experience.

What Is Motul 800 Used For?

Motul 800 is a high-performance synthetic oil used in two-stroke engines. It provides excellent lubrication, reduces friction, and protects against wear, ensuring optimal engine performance.

Can You Use Motul 800 In Oil Injection?

Yes, Motul 800 can be used in oil injection systems. It is specially formulated for 2-stroke engines, providing excellent lubrication and protection.


Overall, the debate between Motul 710 and Motul 800 has been thoroughly analyzed in this blog post. It is evident that both oils have their unique qualities and advantages. While Motul 710 offers excellent lubrication and protection, Motul 800 is designed specifically for high-performance engines.

Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on the specific needs and requirements of your engine. Each oil has its own set of benefits and features, ensuring that you can make an informed decision to optimize your engine’s performance and longevity.

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